• Skilled Labor

    1.    A Knight Electric Company
    2.    Utah Licensed Electrical Contractor
    3.    30+ Licensed Electricians
    4.    OSHA Certified
    5.    Safety Oriented Company
    6.    Hard Working, Honest, Loyal Installers
    7.    NABCEP Certified

  • Speed & Scalability

    1.    Average of 30 - 45 days’ substantial completion of installation on residential installations
    2.    30+ Licensed Electricians
    3.    In-House Permitting Specialists
    4.    In-House Design Engineers
    5.    Commercial Engineering Services
    6.    EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) Contractor

  • Solar Solutions

Welcome to SolarReady Solutions

Solar Ready Solution's commitment starts with our sales partners and ends with a fast quality install of a commercial or residential system. We are a dedicated solar panels and solutions fulfillment company. Our team of technicians is an extension of our sales partners that executes every job with the same level of care - if not better - than they would have done themselves. Don’t let your competitors install your client's solar array. Hire a fully licensed electrical contractor that is insured and bonded. Hire Solar Ready Solutions and eliminate the hassle and guess work so that you can focus on a quality customer experience.  Our team serves the greater Salt Lake City, Utah area by solving some of the most complex conundrums faced by installers of solar panels.  Whether we are met with commercial or residential challenges, our electrical engineers will be obliged to engage the tasks with intelligence and passion.

What does the winter season do to your renewable energy solution?

People are often shocked to learn that the challenges of winter offer little disadvantages to those who own solar panel systems.  In fact, most of our commercial and residential customers report saving the same amount of money on their power bills by comparison to summer months.  Since our installers often venture out in the winter to make essential adjustments to older systems, we have a strong understanding of what to expect during the colder months.  When we design your system of solar panels and power connections, it is always done with both winter and summer weather in mind.  So commercial and residential customers that live in the Salt Lake City, Utah area can take comfort in the fact that their solar panels will continue to generate crucial power while the sun is shining.  With that stated, we also keep a connection to the main power grid so that your home has power during emergency situations.

Which solutions do we offer for commercial and residential clients?

There are typically two types of professionals in every industry; those that fix poor work done by others, and those who perform poorly in their work.  Since we are the electrical engineers and commercial solar panel installers that get called to fix the mistakes of others, you can take comfort in the quality of our work.  Not only do we understand what makes a successful renewable energy solution, but our teams know how to handle the scorching Salt Lake City heat and chilly Utah winters.  For these reasons, it is best to consult with us before committing to an commercial installation of solar panels.